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Impressionist Oil-style work of art.


Impressionist Oil paintings are created with bold and gestural brushstrokes. Colors can be natural or somewhat more muted or vibrant. Fine and unimportant details are typically left out of the finished work. The results are generally soft, peaceful works of art that resemble the masterpieces of great artists such as Monet, Renoir, and Gaugin.


The example to the right (entitled "Grandmother With Grandchild") is an impressionist oil created from a very candid photo. Please click on the image to the right for a higher resolution before and after version.


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Grandmother With Grandchild

Impressionist Oil Portfolio


Select any image below for a higher resolution before and after version. If you would like your artwork in a style similar to any of the examples below, please mention the title of the example when you place your order.



These are just a few possibilites. If you have an idea, but do not see an example here that is quite what you want, contact us and we're sure we can make it happen!


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