Turn any photo into a one-of-a-kind

work of art.


The following styles are available for artwork created from your photo(s). Click the thumbnail image for any style to view additional examples of previous work, composition advice, gift ideas, or to place an order. Or, read a few customer testimonials and see what people had to say about the wonderful works of art Pictoart created for them.


These are just a few possibilities. If you have an idea, but do not see an example here that is quite what you want, contact us and we're sure we can make it happen!



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Contemporary Styles

Matrix Pop. For those looking to have a work of art done in the style made famous by Andy Warhol. See more.
Cutout. Flat panels of color overlay to provide a modern collage or ornate inlaid tile effect. See more.
Ghost. Soft edges and blurred details provide a calming composition that begs a second (and third) look. See more.
Bold Watercolor. Gestural strokes of vibrant color bleed together to provide an energetic, contemporary look. See more.

Classic & Traditional Styles

Realist Oil. Controlled brushstrokes capture fine details in this familiar style that is well-suited for classic portraits — and pretty much anything else. See more.

Impressionist Oil. This familiar style (e.g. Monet, Renoir, etc.) uses gestural brushstrokes to produce soft, peaceful works of art. See more.
Ink. Various dilutions of ink are used to offer rich contrast and fine detail for a natural look. See more.
Pastel. Combinations of chalk and pastel produce soft blended colors, and muted contrasts. See more.
Sketch. Graphite and charcoal are used to build detail and shadow. Washes of color can add additional depth. See more.
Watercolor. Rich wet color provides the unmistakable look of this timeless style, regardless whether details are crisp or muted. See more.


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