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work of art.


Need some ideas? Here are some great ways to let Pictoart turn a memory into a work of art for you! Click on any image to see a larger view. Or, read what other customers had to say about the great ideas we made happen for them.


These are just a few possibilities. If you have an idea, but do not see an example here that is quite what you want, contact us and we're sure we can make it happen!



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Our Featured Idea...

Fairy Girl

Fantasy Art begins with your sentimental photo and from it our artists create a magical, whimsical, and fun work of art. We can create wizards, fairies, dragons, elves, or just about anything else you might imagine.


Fantasy art can be created in any of our styles. Whether you choose realist or impressionist oil, watercolor, or even matrix pop, we can create a masterpiece.


To get your fantasy art, simply place an order and choose your artwork style. When you provide instructions, let us know you want fantasy art. Tell us what you have in mind or let our artists bring the inspiration to the project.

The Perfect Gift...

Wedding Kiss
Weddings / Showers / Receptions. The wedding couple may have had a professional photographer taking photos at the ceremony, but friends and relatives sometimes get the best candid shots. Don't forget the reception, bachelor party, bridal shower, and wedding rehearsal. Turn a photograph from this most memorable event in a new couple's life into a gift they'll cherish forever! Or show up at the bridal shower or wedding with a sentimental work of art created from a special time during the couple's courtship.
Anniversaries. Have a photograph of a couple from a special time in the past? Perhaps from when they met? How about separate pictures of the two of them from when both were children? Have the two placed together in a work of art to symbolize the destiny of their love. How about a family photograph with children and grandchildren? Was there a big party or special event to celebrate the special occasion? Turn a great candid into an even greater work of art!
Girl's Night Out
Birthdays. Friend or relative having a birthday and not sure what to get them? Turning a photo of the two of you together into a work of art will show just how thoughtful and creative you can be. Is it a milestone birthday? Multiple photos from the celebrant's life, or several pictures of friends can be turned into a fantastic collage that is sure to please. Makes a great gift for a group to go in on together.
Yankee Fans
Mother's & Father's Day. Turn a picture of the family into a work of art. How about a picture of mom or dad showing them at their best (e.g. winning an award or engaged in a hobby)? Of course, a picture of the kids together is likely to make any parent happy.

Keep Memories Alive...

Two Boys
Baby Pictures. One of our most popular requests. Just about any picture of a baby can be made into a sentimental work of art that any parent, grandparent, or godparent would cherish.
Casey Pop
The Family Pet. We all love our cats, dogs, horses, lizards, and other critters. Show everyone how important these special friends and family members are by commemorating them in a work of art.
Family Vacation
Family Portraits. Turn a picture of the entire family, mom and dad, grandpa and grandma, or just the kids into a masterpiece.
Home / Special Places. Photos of your house, vacation property, or farm are the subjects of sentimental artwork. Own a restaurant, store, or other business? Turn a photograph of the exterior or interior into works of art that you can display in a lobby, office, reception area, or dining room.
Girls On Vines
Graduations / Ceremonies. These milestones in our lives help define the people we become. Graduations, baptisms, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and other rites of passage can be the subject of a truly personal work of art.
Vacations. Some of the most memorable moments occur while on vacation. Relive your adventures everytime you look upon a work of art based on a photo you took while skiing, sunbathing, sightseeing, hiking, camping, cruising, or whatever made your time away from home special.

Special Subjects...

Grand Canyon
Landscapes. A photograph you took of a great landscape, whether its near your home, at a park, or in a distant land can make for the subject of a great oil painting or sketch.
Fauna & Flora. Photos taken of nature, such as flowers, trees, birds, or other wildlife can be the subject of great art.
Favorite Toy
Collections. Do you collect something? Why not take a photo of your collection, or special items from it, and make that into a stylized work of art to hang on your walls? Special objects from your childhood, such as dolls, that have a place in your heart, but just don't fit your current decor can be the subject of a painting that will go well with your room.


If you have blank walls that are crying out for a special work of art, Pictoart is right for you. Just about any photograph that means something to you can be turned into a work of art. You can even have a photograph turned into a colorful abstract work that hides nearly all clues to it's origin -- only you'll know the story behind it. The life that art brings to any room is worth the investment, especially when you can be sure that it will be unique and created just for you.

If you would like artwork created for use on brochures, newsletters, or in other printed material, or for use in other mass media (including websites), Pictoart can help. We can provide digital images to you on CD or by direct download. Please contact us to receive a quote.

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